Monitoring with Elastic

Is your organization using multiple monitoring tools? Which means no single source of truth. Or are you experiencing challenges in monitoring license costs (multiple tools means multiple licenses)? We at Devoteam believe in helping you with creating a single source of the truth. One (or sometimes two) monitoring tool(s) to monitor your entire IT landscape, including Application Performance Monitoring (APM), Infrastructure Monitoring, Network Monitoring, End User Experience Monitoring, Log File Monitoring, and Container Monitoring.

Business benefits of monitoring with one tool

  • One tool that collects all information about your software development chain
  • Reduce the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) with faster pinpointing of problems and bottlenecks
  • Business benefits of monitoring with one (or two) tool(s) (lower TCO)
  • Insight in anomalies possible through analytics
  • Identify blindspots
  • A single source of truth where application and infra no longer point at each other

Proactive response to IT-problems

It is very common for IT departments to be found rushing around looking for the facts in order to resolve problems that have been highlighted by the business. The use of monitoring ensures that you know where the problems lie before the business is even aware of them. You receive an error message as soon as a problem is detected and immediately know where the core of the problem is located. This offers you the opportunity to respond proactively and quickly and efficiently resolve the problem. The problem is thus resolved ‘behind the scenes’. The business will not even realize that there’s been a problem.

The best monitoring solution for you

Every implementation project is customized. Thanks to our extensive experience in (chain) monitoring, we can rapidly detect IT issues and proactively resolve them, improve and standardize processes, and guarantee and retain expertise. Our specialists thus ensure that your IT platform functions as efficiently as possible.

Full-stack monitoring: Our expertise

  • End-user experience
  • Application performance monitoring
  • Logfile monitoring
  • Infrastructure/ Network monitoring
  • Container monitoring
  • Microservices monitoring


Gert Jan van Halem
Chief Technology Officer

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