Agile Transformation

You want to get your product to market. You have an internal organization bogged down in process and procedure. Red tape is stifling both delivery to keep the going concern running, but also innovation efforts. You hear from your peers that agile is the way to go.

That is where we come in. Agile offers big promises, but of course there is no silver bullet. Only through a thorough look at your specific organization’s needs can we determine the concrete next step.

We work via a proven model looking at several aspects of your agile maturity and start from there. This model is inspired on Henrik Kniberg’s (Spotify) work and has two main drivers:

1) business alignment

2) team autonomy

By exploring these 2 axis looking at people, processes and technology, we determine what would most benefit your organization.

Agile training for organizations

To complement the consulting services we also have the in-house capability to train your staff to get acquainted with SCRUM / Agile roles and advanced courses for an Agile@Scale environment. Our agile community regularly organises workshops, round table sessions and “Agile coffee” formats to bring people together and bounce ideas off each other.

All this is done in close cooperation with our DevOps colleagues to maintain the connection the where the work is actually done: by the teams!




Hans Mollevanger
DevOps Director

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