#TechforKids: Devoteam sponsors CoderDojo

24. September 2019

Central Library, The Hague, September 22, 2019

The Devoteam Sponsored CoderDojo Event last Sunday was a great success. Last Sunday’s edition was attended by 40 kids and their parents. Excellent to see so many families showed up despite the fantastic after-summer weather with 26’C and lots of sun!

What is Coderdojo?

CoderDojo is an event where children, between the ages of 7 and 17, learn to program, build websites, make games, control robots and more. These dojos are organized and provided by volunteers only, which is the reason they heavily depend on sponsors.

The Devoteam Sponsored CoderDojo on September 22nd

New at this CoderDojo were the MicroBit mini-computers and workshops made possible by donation/sponsoring from Devoteam NL.

It was amazing to see kids from different ages tackle their challenges and projects with great enthusiasm, creativity, tenacity, sometimes concentrated but also with a lot of fun! One of the little boys programmed the MicroBit to work as a PedoMeter counting his footsteps! Also very notable to see an 8-year-old girl program Space Invaders in JavaScript. 

Some additional examples of the projects these kids worked on were:

  • Lego Mindstorm: A small team of 3 developed a moving segmented Cobra-snake which not only looked and moved like a Cobra but upon attack also moved back his neck a few inches to quickly open the mouth, show his teeth and bite! Another team completed their project to build a sorting machine that was able to recognize and sort 4 different colors of lego pieces and put them in the right basket.
  • Storytell: One clever girl developed a Bookstory program that selects a fitting picture background depending on the Storylines in the book text.
  • Scratch: Another little kid developed the Snake Game in scratch, simple but they made it work in just 2 hours time.
  • 3D Shapes: Two 3D printers were available and some of the kids were into designing 3D objects and use their creativity. One of the boys showed his design for part of a game he is working on. TinkerCAD was being used as the modeling tool. Great to see one of the kids altering some shapes to make simple dice that were printed in 3D.

Around 15:30 everyone got together to present the results achieved this afternoon to each other. It was very inspiring to see that these hard-working and clever kids were also able to present their work on-stage.

All in all, a great afternoon at a well organized CoderDojo Event with 10+ volunteering mentors and 40+ enthusiastic kids.



Alex van Toren
Sr. Consultant Architecture & Implementation
Paul Settels
Sr. Program Manager