Scrum for business value: Are you ready to embrace change?

03. November 2017

Customer Challenges

The world is changing, and so is the pace of change in business. The 24/7 economy demands availability and adaptability at all times. Our clients need to be online and respond to changing customer needs as the business situation unfolds.

Today’s customer is not only looking for rapid change in features, but also for business opportunities that require a swift response, as the business value of the opportunity may very well depend on the right timing and a rapid response. And, in this more open online world of business, customers are having a peek into our client’s kitchen as dinner is being cooked.

So the availability of the right features at the right level of quality will not go unnoticed by our clients. This new situation demands a new way of dealing with clients and change.

Our point of view

In order to meet the new demands of our clients and their customers, we need to rethink the way we do things. The lyrics “It’s not what you do, but the way that you do it” are still very pertinent, even though the song has been around for a while. Agile methodologies have been adopted as a way to meet ever-changing business demands and increasing quality awareness.

New ways of working can be implemented in several ways, but in recent years the Scrum method has become the most popular and reliable method of realising change in short cycles. Increments with the most business value can be realised in 1-4 weeks. Between two increments, the business initiatives are prioritised according to business value, which puts the business itself in the driver’s seat of change. Even better, in those 1-4 weeks the business leads the development of the change, with space for demonstration and feedback built in. This raises quality thinking to another level.

Devoteam supports the Scrum way of working, and more and more Devoteam professionals are Scrum certified and experienced in both Scrum implementation and practise.

Key figures we want to highlight

Recently a large Dutch financial services company chose to implement Scrum as their working method in its IT organisation as part of its new Continuous Delivery model. Devoteam delivered support in different capacities: team management to several development teams, and in Scrum master, integrator and developer roles. Devoteam was involved in the implementation of the new way of working and also had various operational roles in the new organisation.

The benefits were numerous. After a short learning period, the financial services company could frequently deliver new business features to its customers at unexpectedly high productivity and quality levels. Programs and projects could better realise their business cases, as business value was delivered at the right time. And employee satisfaction also increased, as working with Scrum was both productive and fun.

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