Business Intelligence

The Right Information at the Right Time

Nowadays, it’s vital that you, as a company, can innovate in response to an ever-changing consumer market. Business intelligence – the right information at the right time – is crucial when it comes to making business decisions quickly and intelligently.

Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS)

We offer its clients Business Intelligence as a Service (BIaaS) to help them make their business decisions. This service allows you or your customers to analyse your company data quickly and easily, and to combine this with public and partners’ data without being restricted to a rigid structure. This is a secure, online service.

Quick, Intelligent Business Decision-Making

We offer its clients a user-friendly software environment – based on TIBCO Spotfire – for analysing company data and making fast and intelligent business decisions. We can support its clients with optimal, customized business intelligence solutions using TIBCO’s state-of-the-art software technology and years of expertise in the field of system integration, business process management and complex event processing.

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Melis Schaap
Director Business Development