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Data Governance and Automation

The basics to a successful business intelligence capability implementation is ensuring that you are in control of the data assets, access is democratized and only data that has passed the quality validation is used for analytics and insights creation.

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Data Quality Framework

Key must-have characteristics:

Validation & running rules

Comprehensive capability to define and execute validation & running rules against diverse data sets.


Reliable scaling across multiple data domains with consistent performance.


Outstanding logging capacity to store the results of the rules executions supporting audit needs


Trusted Data, Reliable insights, Self-healing data quality ecosystem

Trusted Microsoft partner in EMEA

Sized for agility and scale

  • 1200+ Microsoft experts in the EMEA and 80 in The Netherlands
  • Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  • 18 specializations, amongst which Azure Data & AI and Azure Infrastructure
  • 2019 – 2022 Partner of the Year Award
  • A track record at enterprise & corporate businesses and governmental organizations
  • High-standing partnerships with other major technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud and more.

Data Automation with FastBeat

FastBeat is an advanced DataOps framework that covers the various aspects of data automation such as data ingestion, data pipelines and CI/CD automation.

It contributes to the standardization effort in how data is being sourced, processed and manage allowing not just for reduction of operational efforts, but more important dramatically improves the data consumption experience. It helps in implementing and enforcing also the important data governance policies.


1 Accelerated creation of  actionable insights.
2 Elimination of manual repetitive tasks for data ingestion and transformation.
3 Increased trust in data.
4 Improved Operation through adoption of DataOps best practices.

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Quickstart DataOps with FastBeat™

Quickstart Automated Ingestion with ADF

Quickstart Metadata driven Data Quality

Improve your data and deliver trusted and secured data.

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