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Data Consulting with Microsoft technology    

You probably already know data is one of your most valuable business assets. But do you have so much data, and is your data environment so complex, that it’s a challenge to find, understand, and organize it before you can turn it into business value?

Our team of highly certified Microsoft Data Experts is ready to turn your insights into impact. 




Learn how we can help you

Speed up your Data Driven Intelligence Our Data capabilities

By selecting the right team of Data experts, specialized in Data Architecture, Cloud Native Data Platforms, Data Governance, DataOps, Advanced Analytics, Self-service BI and Streaming Analytics, we can help you to turn your data into sustainable impact.

Build your cloud data foundations

Set up strong foundations to leverage data with simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency at scale adhering to security and compliance needs.

Our capabilities:

  • Data strategy 
  • Data architecture
  • Cloud native data platform
  • Data migrations  
  • Data integration
  • Data security and compliance

Unlock the power of your data

Align your data and organization to converge towards desired business outcomes, through flexible data governance, data democratization and composition of invaluable data products.

Our capabilities:

  • Data governance
  • Data Catalogue & Lineage 
  • Data quality
  • Data democratization
  • DataOps
  • Master Data Management
  • Data products

Unleash your exclusive insights anywhere, anytime

Leverage your data with smart technologies to optimize performance, accelerate time-to-market and generate new revenue streams.

Our capabilities:

  • Modern Visualization
  • Self-Service BI 
  • Streaming analytics 
  • Artificial Intelligence

Trusted Microsoft partner in EMEA

Sized for agility and scale

  • 1200+ Microsoft experts in the EMEA and 80 in The Netherlands
  • Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  • 18 specializations, amongst which Azure Data & AI and Azure Infrastructure
  • 2019 – 2022 Partner of the Year Award
  • A track record at enterprise & corporate businesses and governmental organizations
  • High-standing partnerships with other major technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud and more.

What services do we offer?

Data Platform

A Cloud Data Platform is the heart to any organization that is aspiring to become an Insights driven enterprise.

Data Governance

Data is only valuable if it can be translated into actionable insight. Our Data Engineering process turns signals into actions.

Data Analytics

Data Visualization covers the disciplines that applies logic and mathematics to data to provide insights and analytics for making better decisions quickly.

Ready to accelerate your transformation into a Digital Native Enterprise?

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