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Jira Service Management for HR solutions

Hired someone and having to start a new process of sending emails out to other departments? Trying to get all the things done to ensure a proper on-boarding of your new colleague? Keeping track of all processes and updates?

Jira Service Management is a HR solution that puts all of this in one central place and it can even be automated! When you hire someone, all relevant departments can get notified in order to start and update the processes.

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The Challenges 

Devoteam addresses the challenges that the HR department face in day to day operations, such as:

No central place 

With multiple central places, it is hard to keep track of all the information. One central place should make on- and off boarding a lot easier.

Little to no efficiency

Making sure all the departments that are involved in processes, keep everything up to date. Sending out tons of emails to get the updates

Performance Management

Need to check whether or not some employees have kept to certain agreements? Checking out their development plan shouldn’t be a hassle anymore

Leave of absence

Is your employee on for example a maternity leave? Or you do not know when somebody is supposed to come back.

Why this HR solution?

  • All employee information and documents in one central place and thus easier to reach
  • Employees are helped faster, because HR can work more efficiently with JSM
  • Bring service management to the entire business
  • A central point for requesting service from any team. Think of,  for example, salary administration at Finance
  • Make on- and offboarding requests easier and more efficient
  • Workflow automation: it’s not necessary anymore to send out 20 emails to 20 different colleagues
  • Track sensitive employee relation cases. It will be easier to find and easier to check on
  • Minimizing repetitive tasks with a place where everyone can see the updates
  • Already have a HR system? We’ll make sure everything will be integrated properly

Ready to take the step to Jira Service Management for HR?

Confidently plan your switch to Atlassian Jira Service Management with us! To ensure the best outcomes for your switch, or help with apps, contact our team of technical experts. You’ll get personalized assistance to ensure a successful switch to JSM at every step of the way.

We’ll help you from setting up a portals, workflow automations etc.

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