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Application Innovation with Microsoft technology    

In this age of disruption, those organizations that manage to out-innovate their competitors consistently outperform them as well. Modern IT practices and technologies, powered by cloud environments, enable you to reduce costs, work more efficiently, and innovate faster.

Our team of highly certified Microsoft Cloud- and Software engineers is ready to help you become a modern, cloud-native organization.




Learn how we can help you

How we can help Our App Innovation expertise

By providing the right team of Cloud engineering- and Software development experts, specialized in Azure Infrastructure, .NET development and DevOps tooling and way of working, we can help you leverage the possibilities of a modern cloud-based development to deliver maximum business value.

Modernize your intellectual property assets

Modernize outdated software to improve interoperability, increase performance and scalability, and deliver more business value.

Areas of expertise:

  • Application Modernization Planning & Roadmapping
  • Application Modernization Execution
  • Application rehosting
  • Cloud native re-architecting

Scale to the next level

Evolve your initial product to enable agile product feature expansion, large scale usage and continuous improvement, innovation and learning.

Areas of expertise:

  • Digital Product Blueprint & Roadmap
  • Cloud enabled SDLC
  • Kubernetes Development
  • DevOps with Github

Shape your holistic Application Network

Expand the capabilities of your digital ecosystem by connecting applications, data and devices through APIs.

Areas of expertise:

  • API Product strategy
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Azure Integration Services

Trusted Microsoft partner in EMEA

Sized for agility and scale

  • 1200+ Microsoft experts in the EMEA and 80 in The Netherlands
  • Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP)
  • 18 specializations, amongst which Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure and Modernization of Web Applications with Microsoft Azure
  • 2019 – 2022 Partner of the Year Award
  • A track record at enterprise & corporate businesses and governmental organizations
  • High-standing partnerships with other major technologies such as AWS, Google Cloud and more.

What services do we offer?

Application Modernization

We can help establish a vision and route to rationalize your estate in order to build the capability that sustains workloads that are cloud native and future ready.

Cloud Enabled SDLC

Devoteam realizes highly automated software delivery pipelines, facilitating automated builds, tests and deployments of your modernized applications.

Modern Enterprise Integration

Devoteam can help you with the connectivity of applications, data and devices. This is a key enabler for innovation within your organization.

Modernizing enables and drives growth. Start now!

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