IT Trend Report 2023

Our IT Trend Report is an annual vision report from Devoteam, in which you will find the most important trends in the field of Cloud, DevOps, Automation, Security and Observability.

The 10 trends:

  • DevOps: doing it on the Edge
    • The number of sensors and actuators around the world spread exponentially. The processing of all this data, provided by these sensors, will only be feasible when combined with more local processes and more local storage. This is where Edge Computing comes in.
  • IT teams are drowning in Cloud services
    • Dealing with the influx of opportunities offered by the cloud is not easy for many IT teams. What is the impact of this trend? When core technology is abstracted away, what are teams left with and how does that impact their way of working?
  • Building Golden paths with Internal Developer Platforms
    • Many organizations invest in Internal Developer Platforms. This enables self-service for developers, reduces the required knowledge and effort and ensures that developers can focus on the things that really matter. What are the benefits for your organization? How to start building “Golden Paths” for your developers?
  • Developers’ work is being automated away – we should be thankful for it
    • The automation of developers’ work, and especially low/no code, is seen as a threat to the craft of software engineering. Often organizations use these solutions as a way to put basic development skills within the reach of non-technical people. But is this really such a bad development?
  • Is GitHub replacing Azure DevOps?
    • Azure DevOps and GitHub are both well suited to unique use cases and development needs. Although GitHub has been around for a while, its offerings are still relatively new and unproven. GitHub’s popularity and flexibility make it the favourite among many developers. Why is this? Which solution should your organization choose?
  • The Future of DevOps: GitOps
    • GitOps, a young approach to DevOps, has gained popularity in recent years. This popularity is often driven by the desire to shorten the application delivery cycle. GitOps helps you speed up the process of delivering new features, bug fixes and product upgrades, moving code from development to production faster.
  •  Observability: know what’s bugging your code
    • What is more important during a production problem (P1): the time to find the bug or the time to fix the bug? Many will say “fix”. Wrong! If it takes two minutes to fix the bug, but it takes you 4 hours to find the bug, you already start fixing 4 hours later. If you can find the bug within 10 minutes instead of 4 hours, you save almost 95% of your time looking for the problem. Observability provides the solution to this.
  • Why organizations will choose Cybersecurity Mesh over Zero Trust
    • COVID-19 has changed the way organizations secure and monitor themselves. People, offices and data are often spread across multiple locations. As a result, organizations need to rethink security. A more scalable and modular security strategy is more relevant than ever. That’s what Cybersecurity Mesh Architecture is created for. Wondering how?
  • The next wave of Cloud adoption
    • The Cloud Adoption Framework covers all aspects of a transformation to the cloud. Even if you don’t like frameworks or don’t see the need for following all steps, eventually everything must be completed to get into the cloud. One of the key steps is defining your organization’s strategy. Why is this important?
  • IT experts are the new gold
    • There are currently not enough IT professionals available. This has significant consequences for organizations. Without overloading the current IT workforce, what can organizations do to increase their IT delivery capacity?