API Trend Report 2023

The API industry is continuously changing, and in our API Trend Report, you will find 7 key API trends that might be useful for your business in 2023.

APIs can be very important for businesses because they can provide different applications and services to communicate and integrate with each other. This makes it easier for businesses to share data and functionality between different systems, enabling them to build new applications and services that their customers or employees can use. APIs can play a key role in enabling businesses to innovate and stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital economy.

In our Trend Report, you will find 7 key API trends:

  • Product-centric IT integration approach
  • Expanding API security
  • Non-Software companies embrace APIs
  • Universal Management of APIs
  • Monetizing API assets
  • Tooling that accelerates your API-first approach
  • GraphQL