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MuleSoft platform enablement workshops for international manufacturer

Our client is an international manufacturer of baby equipment and bicycle brands, known for its safety, comfort, innovation and fun. With an annual revenue of $2.5 billion and approximately 8,900 people employed, this organization is active in twenty-five countries around the world.

The need for an efficient MuleSoft environment

The organization was looking for a modern Integration Platform and selected MuleSoft as their integration solution. Devoteam was selected as their MuleSoft partner for this project. After successfully deploying two flows, the conversation turned toward having the right architecture enhanced with best practices and utilizing the efficiency of the new environment.

Looking at the client’s needs we proposed to host three workshops:

  • Platform Enablement
  • Deployment – CI/CD pipeline(s)
  • Monitoring

The Integration platform enablement workshop in 3 days included:

Best practices – generic file transfer solution

  • Include building a draft version of the solution for file transfer

Best practices – generic mapping

  • Include building a draft version of the solution for mapping

General development subjects

  • Naming conventions
    • – Incl. methods to cover/automate naming conventions
      – Incl. draft naming conventions to be used and enriched later
  • Development life cycle
    • – Incl. draft development life cycle (steps from planning till deploying to production)
    • – Incl. providing hotfixes to flows in production

Event Driven data flows vs Service Oriented data flows

  • Include building a draft version of the flows

The Deployment – CI/CD Pipeline Workshop in 1 day included:

Branching Strategy

  • Best practices and experiences
  • Evaluate what is there
  • Create a draft branching

Pipeline definition

  • Build/release sequences
  • Pull request release deployment

Which tool to use for CI/CD

  • Gitlab
  • Jenkins
  • Azure DevOps incl. draft solution

The Monitoring workshop in 1 day included:

MuleSoft capabilities

  • Monitoring
  • Visualizer

Best practises

  • Technical and functional

Other monitoring solutions

  • Custom defined monitoring solutions (Elastic Stack)

The benefits

  • Efficient use of the platform in terms of performance, E2E monitoring and cloud resource utilization.
  • Leverage on 3 tier architecture and reusability, and with that shortened timelines for onboarding and maintaining new integration flows.
  • Full hands on visibility over the platform capabilities, enriched with best practices, leading to predictability of dev and ops efforts for upcoming delivery activities.

Our MuleSoft Integration expertise

With our strong background in Integration and close partnership with MuleSoft we guide our clients to get the most out of their technology and enable them to deliver seamless user experiences to their customers. With 70+ certified MuleSoft consultants, who combine over 1,000 years of integration experience, and with access to the brains of 7,600 tech experts in the EMEA region, we are one of the key MuleSoft partners in Europe. We know which buttons to turn to deliver the biggest impact on business results.