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Speed up innovation
with DevOps as a Service

In the end, in your company, it is all about the bottom line. The question is, how do we increase the performance of our business?

As an IT professional, -Manager or -Executive that can be a hard question. Your department is probably seen as a cost center. There might be pressure to reduce costs, while it is expected for you to deliver quality on time.

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Enhance business performance

Implementing DevOps as a Service creates the mindset, tools & processes to turn ideas rapidly into new and enhanced features.

The move to the Cloud and infrastructure-as-code are significant changes, ones that most large companies are only beginning to come to grips with. There are Centers of Excellence, but to make this transformation happen at scale means adapting to a new set of challenges.

A few reasons to start utilizing DevOps as a Service


Cost transparency

Cloud providers offer highly detailed and itemised monthly bills that allow forensic analysis of IT costs. Every server, database and gigabyte of data is accounted for, and importantly can be attributed back to the product team.

Cloud DevOps

The major cloud vendors provide integrated CI/CD pipelines and toolchains that require no integrations, are evergreen and are highly cost transparent. Costs are operational not capital and there is no tool or vendor sprawl.

Integrated toolchains

AWS, Azure and GCP all have integrated CI/CD pipelines and GitLab CI has end to end ‘GitOps’ integration. Weaveworks have a different view of GitOps that even eliminates the need for traditional CI/CD. So when all these options are out there, why build your own pipeline?

Evergreen software

In the new world, evergreen software continuously improves DevOps tools behind the scenes without consumers knowing. It’s a much simpler, much cleaner way of working.


At the heart of cloud native DevOps is containerisation. This is the building, testing and deploying applications in containers and typically running these containers on a Kubernetes platform.

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Increase business performance. Embrace DevOps as a Service.

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