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Tech Friday: A breakout session with Software Engineering

At the Devoteam office in Amsterdam, the Software Engineering Unit had their monthly meetup where all the consultants, sales, marketing and our new batch of futures came together to discuss on the trends and development of our unit in I-Tech pillar. This keeps us updated on every aspect within our team of Software Engineering.

The meeting kicked off by introducing our new batch of futures who are working on their path to become a consultant. This is a process of approximately 5 months in which a ‘future’ trainee is educated to become a full fledged consultant. Each ‘future’ has a mentor/buddy who will help them through the process when needed or when there are any questions. Check out more on this page.

Next on the agenda was discussing what exciting work the consultants were doing for their respective clients, followed by the sales and marketing updates for Software Engineering Unit in the I-Tech Pillar.

Next in the limelight was our first future trainee, who is now working on his final project to explain his learning, struggles. At this tech day, they showed us a live demo of a project they are working on along with their mentor/buddy.

We also had our knowledge session and demos about

  • Modular Monolith Applications
  • Restful

Lot of fruitful discussions happened over the two topics from comparison and deciding factor for micro service to HATEOAS and Richardson Maturity Model. As expected when you have room full of enthusiastic software engineers with their opinions and viewpoints the time will always be a challenge.

The sessions were fun with a lot of learning and Unit Updates. The event was well organized with a timely breakout and a coffee break. With huge success we organized a revamped Software Engineering Unit Tech Friday.