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Lars’ experience with the Devoteam Future Track

I can’t just apply for a job in IT, if I have no background in IT… Or can I?

This was the question I had asked myself when I saw the description for the Devoteam Futures Program. Prior, for my whole academic career I had been on the fence between choosing IT and business related studies, but was never quite able to combine them. That was until I joined Devoteam.


My name is Lars Hoitink. I joined Devoteam in June 2022. I was originally born in the Netherlands, but I have lived the second half of my life in New Zealand. After this, I spent nearly 2 years in Germany to complete my Master degree in International Management. Upon near completion, the question I had asked myself for years still remained, what next? 

At last I came across the traineeship from Devoteam, and that was when I knew, this was it. This is what I was looking for. In honesty, I was a little worried my lack of direct IT experience would limit my chances. During my time at school and university, I had dabbled a bit with Python and statistical programs, but nothing too exciting, complex or major. However my keen interest in the industry, and attitude made all the difference. 

The first months at Devoteam

During my time as future of the data track I learned the ins and outs of the Azure services, databases and various programs. There is a lot of freedom to learn and experiment. After completing the pre-masters, which gives some core competencies, I was immediately busy creating a virtual server on Azure and ingesting large datasets with methods and tools I didn’t know existed a month prior. My wingman gave me freedom to experiment and try for myself, which is how I prefer to learn. Eventually when I did get completely lost or stuck, and am unable to see the trees through the forest he was there to guide me through with helpful hints and explanations. You are given the freedom to problem solve yourself, but there is a whole network to back you up when you do need it.

Six months in

I have now been assigned to my first client,  a large multinational sportswear company. From the first moment I heard about my possible placement I got very excited. I was keen to demonstrate my knowledge and newly learned skills, and I felt ready. It is a feeling I did not experience after graduating from my studies prior to joining Devoteam. The bridge from theory to practical has been crossed.


I was looking for a way to turn my theoretical knowledge and interest into tangible skills with a company which allows me to learn and develop. I found this at Devoteam. If you are looking for the same, hesitate not and grab the opportunities as they come up. Enthusiasm is equally important (if not more) as background and knowledge!