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KubeCon Europe 2022: Day 3 Roundup

In this third edition of our blog series from KubeCon Europe 2022, we are wrapping up and bringing you updates from the final day of the conference here in Valencia. Missed our previous roundups? Check out Day 1 and Day 2.

Let’s begin with saying thanks to all the attendees for making KubeCon Europe 2022 an awesome event, we got the opportunity to see some awesome tech and speak to some really cool people.

As for the keynotes, Josh Berkus of Redhat and Catherine Paganani of Buoyant shared how CNCF projects are nurtured by deliberately creating documented governance and an active community around it. For example, the Code of Conduct document or a Contributor guide is essential to gain acceptance into CNCF. The lesson we want to take home is that these techniques can be applied to any project or team, not just a CNCF project.

We also had a very cool talk with Henrik Høegh of Lunar bank about the move from canary deployments to canary clusters, making their production environment truly disposable, and how they went about doing this, enabling their engineering team to be able to fail over their entire platform in about 40 minutes, with a little help from some custom operators and removing most state out of the cluster, Lunar is in a position to make disaster recovery a day to day operation.

In an industry still divided over the benefits of service mesh technology, the user panel discussion about Linkerd provided great insights. The panel consisted of early adopters, almost all of whom had done extensive research with multiple other service mesh tools like istio and consul. Simplicity was cited as the single biggest differentiating factor. Another cool revelation was the possibility to implement a network-level traffic split that leverages the SMI (Service Mesh Interface). This feature, when combined with Linkerd’s metrics, can be used to implement sophisticated canary deployments.

Last but not the least, we saw numerous promising projects around the Solutions Showcase halls. Next to very interesting new opensource projects, we noticed a proliferation of SaaS solutions in the security space, some of these projects and solutions have our attention and we will be evaluating and trying them out over the coming weeks, to look for potential recommendations to our customers.

We are happy to have shared our experience with you via daily blogs in between all the amazing action at KubeCon. The step counter on our health app has gone wild this week and we are tired. But sitting here at the Valencia airport awaiting the flight back home, we are very inspired by a memorable event.

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