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Recap: Agile Round Table Event

Yesterday we organized an inspiring Agile Round Table with some of our customers who are currently keen to improve their agility. The main topic: Self-Organizing Teams.

We had people from a variety of clients from banking to utilities and telco’s, which made for a great mix of insights (i.e. NUON, Quion, SVB, ABN AMRO, Vodafone Ziggo and Friesland Campina). A good part of the audience was comprised of IT management, but there were also other roles present, again making for interesting perspectives. Some already having fully functional self-organizing teams, others still aiming to get there.

Topics discussed were:

  • How to aim for completely working Agile when management is not giving the teams the space to do so?
  • How to optimize stakeholder management?
  • What to do if taking ownership is hard for some team members?
  • What should be the role of the current IT Manager in a fully agile company?
  • How to act when someone just does not fit in a self-organizing team/role? 

These topics resulted in a very productive 2 hour Round Table. All the attendees learned a lot from each other and got to ask their questions and discuss their struggles. Always looking for concrete take aways, our facilitators managed to get some good tips and insights on the table. A quote heard at the end of the round table from one of the attendees was:

“What I particularly noticed was that the attendees from companies who already work with self-organizing teams talk about ‘we this’ and ‘we that’, while the ones who are still working on starting-up their first self-organizing team talk from the ‘I’ perspective.”

Interested in becoming (more) Agile?

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