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Publication: Cloud Benefits Fact Sheet

Transferring to the cloud ensures the delivery of services in a more secure, reliable, flexible, fast, and cost-effective way. In this fact sheet we take at some reasons why organization should turn to cloud computing. 

One of the reasons is: it is cost effective

Cloud computing offers different pricing models: consumption-based or pay-as-you-go. Both serve the same benefits: cost reduction. Unlike the traditional way of working, where buying hardware and software, and maintaining and running on-site data centers asks for an enormous capital investment, cloud computing eliminates those expenses. There are no more upfront infrastructure costs, there’s no more need to pay for additional resources if they are not fully needed, and no more paying for resources that are no longer needed. What makes it even better is that customers can adjust the resources needed to their infrastructure by increasing or decreasing resources depending on the needs.

Are you curious to the other reasons? 

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