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Key takeaways from MuleSoft Meetup – An Introduction to Anypoint Datagraph

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On Thursday, September 16th we organized our first MuleSoft meetup. We discussed MuleSoft World Statistics & provided an overview of Anypoint Datagraph, a no-Code product from MuleSoft that accelerates innovation through consuming and reusing APIs faster. Due to the covid restrictions, we were forced to hold the meetup virtually. But seeing that things are opening up, we discussed with the attendees that we would like to have the next one in person; perhaps with some pizza. 🙂

Anypoint Datagraph

Our first speaker, Jitendra Bafna (Jacky) gave a live demo of Anypoint DataGraph which is MuleSoft’s interpretation of GraphQL that allows you to unify multiple APIs in a No-Code Manner up to a maximum of 250 underlying APIs with 16000 fields in total. MuleSoft offers this as a managed service and requires no additional infrastructure and does not consume from your vCores. Its intuitive UI allows configuration in addition to tracing and monitoring the time taken by the underlying requests. Unfortunately, it is only available for Query (GET) Requests and does not allow manipulation of the underlying data structures or sets.

World Statistics

The next speaker, Edo Schatz walked us through some interesting statistics about MuleSoft. As expected, 60% of MuleSoft customers are located in the US, a number similar to that of Salesforce customers followed by the UK with 25% and then Canada with 8%. While 150 companies offer Salesforce & MuleSoft services officially there are less than 20K MuleSoft Experts around the globe: 11K Certified MuleSoft Developers & 1300 certified MuleSoft Architects. In The Netherlands, this expertise becomes even more sought after, since there are 8 MuleSoft partner companies with less than 250 certified MuleSoft Developers & only 20 certified MuleSoft Architects.

Hope to see you at our next meetup! If you have missed this one, you can find the recorded video presentation below and the slide deck right here.

Devoteam’s Integration Services

Our 25+ years of Integration experience in projects within every sector you can think of, combined with a strong partnership with MuleSoft, enable us to guide your organization through every API-related challenge. Looking for help with setting up Anypoint iPaaS Platforms, implementing Hybrid Architecture including Anypoint VPC, DLB, and VPN? Feel free to contact us and we’ll see how we can help out.