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Monitoring integration & APIs with Elastic

Integration platforms are a “black box” for many organizations when it comes to visibility. Why would you take that risk?

With our ready-to-use modular solution, we provide end-to-end visibility into your integration platform, all individual APIs and the surrounding applications. In many cases, integration platforms offer quite limited logging, which means that data is not stored long enough, for example, or after exceeding xMBs the data is deleted.

With this solution, you can monitor APM, Logging Framework, API Monitoring and Application Metrics in great depth and address problems before the users become aware of them.

Control over integrations

Most integration solutions offer limited logging capabilities.

Suppose a customer calls that he has been waiting for his order for weeks. After spending a lot of time figuring it out, you find out it was an API not working due to an expired certificate. You could have known all this much earlier and resolved it before the customer was inconvenienced. You just lack the proper insight.

End-to-end visibility into IT

You probably already monitor a number of separate applications and/or tools via included logging features at the moment.

In the future, using Elastic to monitor your integration environment also offers the opportunity to monitor all data from your entire IT environment end-to-end in one tool. No more endless searching in all sorts of places, but everything clearly together. One truth.

Discovering trends based on historical data

By having a longer storage life of all the data and logging data, you can start to utilize that data as well, instead of just using the data reactively.

Based on all the information from the past, you can better predict what will happen in the future. By recognizing trends, you can act proactively early and prevent issues in your IT environment.

The Elite Partner of Elastic in the Netherlands

With our 15+ Elastic certified consultants, Devoteam is the partner for developing and implementing monitoring & observability solutions that enable optimal IT control, from Business & IT Operations dashboards to centralized logging & proactive alerts. The close collaboration between Devoteam and Elastic, rewarded with Elite Partner status, ensures short lines of communication and a strong foundation for our customers.

Find out how we help our customers with integration monitoring

With Devoteam, we have a partner who can intervene immediately if there is a problem. They have in-depth knowledge of Elastic’s technology, and if they don’t know the answer, they have a direct relationship with Elastic for additional support.

Discover our success story at Renewi

Erik Meeuwsen

IT Service Manager, Renewi

Find out how we help our customers with integration monitoring

Previously, within The Water Group, we were kind of a blind mole regarding the quality of data exchange, web services and how applications reacted outside our zone. Together with experts from Devoteam, we have ensured that, through central monitoring, De Watergroep has visibility and grip on crucial IT processes.

Discover our success story a De Watergroep

Frank Coucke

Team Manager BI & Team Manager ESB, De Watergroep

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