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HR with AI & Chatbots: Scary or not?


Big and disruptive changes for the Human Resources field are predicted by industry experts, varying from the way businesses deal with candidates, their recruitment process and employee development (as shown in this Unilever case study), to a data-driven approach towards HR.

How technology eliminates time-consuming and repetitive HR processes

As technology tends to scare a lot of people who might be afraid certain processes lose their personal touch, the opposite is true. In for example the recruitment process, Artificial Intelligence can be applied to identify fitting candidates. Imagine you’re a large enterprise attracting lots of applicants. AI can help your HR professionals to save a significant amount of time, giving them more time to focus on the quality of candidates and the improvement of their own processes.

HR Chatbots

After a successful hiring process, Chatbots can be put to work for the on-boarding journey of a new employee, as displayed in the Unilever case study. Chatbots can help with inquiries regarding HR policies, international procedures and all kinds of how-to questions.

Keep track of company materials

Another area within HR where change is predicted is the provisioning of (new) employees. Let’s say your company has lockers to store laptops in the office. Technology could make this process completely self-service by enabling employees to simply open/close these lockers with their phones. It’s not only in the beginning of a new employee’s journey where technology will change the way we know things at the moment. It’s going to disrupt (in a positive way) the entire life-cycle of HR. Think for instance of all assets employees are provided with. These can be monitored better, resulting in a proactive approach towards repair and replacement. The same goes for asset-management in the off-boarding process, to make sure your organization maintains its assets.

Having the right data and insight on your recruitment, engagement, safety, well-being, development and performance management can improve the quality of your HR processes by automating repetitive tasks.

Technology: not a solution for everything

As much as this article is “Pro” technology in HR, we obviously know that there are lots of cases where a personal touch is required/preferred. When you for example simply feel a connection with a candidate, and have the feeling they have a high potential, while their resume is not that impressive at that moment. That’s where a personal touch can still win it from data. And of course there are many more examples, especially if you want to give your candidates a personalized on-boarding experience. And yes, technology can also be misused, but we believe tech is neither good nor bad. The difference is in what we (people) choose to do with it.

More about Technology for People

At Devoteam, we truly believe that innovation can be a force for positive change. That’s why we actively promote technologies to bring great benefits to business and people.

How Devoteam can help you improve HR by means of technology

As we believe in Technology for People, we believe in the value of Technology making a difference for people in their daily lives. So technology is a means to an end, where the “end” stands for bringing value to people.

Our Technology Experts, Transformation Management Consultants and Creative Technologists help you to respond to your daily business challenges, and yes, by means of technology, but not for the sake of it. We can help your organization from identifying business needs through thorough business analysis to road-maps and implementations that deliver direct value for your organization and customers.