Microsoft Services

Devoteam is a Microsoft Gold Partner

Is your organization moving towards its breaking point considering IT capacity? Can your IT landscape cope with change and react in a flexible and secure way? You might want to consider moving to Cloud. Let us show you what Microsoft Azure can do for your organization.

The power of Cloud

At Devoteam we support our clients in their Cloud Transformation journey with Microsoft Azure.

We have effectively enabled Cloud Migrations, lowered operational costs, delivered automated deployments and operations, and align IT with the business strategy.

Cloud Migration


Clarity of vision and concrete steps are required to successfully adopt the cloud.

Propositions: Cloud Readiness Assessment, Cloud Strategy


Managing and delivering cloud services, security, infrastructure, and meet expectations.

Propositions: Cloud Enablement, Cloud Migration, Cloud Automation, Cloud Operations, Cloud Security


Connect applications, systems, repositories, and environments for the exchange of data and processes.

Propositions: Cloud-Native Development, Cloud App Modernization, Cloud Integration Services

Cloud-native Development

It’s all about how applications are built, delivered, and operated, not where. Scale your business up or down at demand, embrace the power of immutable infrastructure.

The advantages of Cloud-native Development: scalability, flexibility, resilience, agility & elasticity, automation, security, and pay what you use.

Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO)

Combined with our strong partnership with Red Hat and our in-depth knowledge of Red Hat OpenShift, we are the experts on implementing Azure Red Hat OpenShift and integrating this seamlessly with other Azure capabilities.

Our white paper: Azure Red Hat OpenShift – Two big plants in a box

Why Devoteam?

Reasons to consult Devoteam for its Microsoft Services.

(Public) Cloud vendors deliver solutions, not (managed) services. We at Devoteam have a proven track record with guiding organizations in achieving their digital roadmap. With our Microsoft Gold Partnership on Application Development, our core expertise on Cloud Enablement and Integration, and access to 7,800 technology experts in the EMEA, we are the partner to help you with the migration, implementation, development, and integration of Microsoft technology.

Melis Schaap

Practice Director Data as a Service