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Chapter 6


Almost at the end.

With this whitepaper we provided our thoughts on the manufacturing industry from an IT perspective. Industry 4.0 has been around for over 10 years; in this time we have seen very high interest in applying technology in supporting processes. We also identify possibilities to move parts of primary processes around the manufacturing of items into more cloud centric solutions.

Analytics, Cloud and IoT are game changing technologies that show very high promises in highly efficient production environments like the manufacturing industry.

Cloud Computing has been around for years, but was initially never seen as a platform that primary processes could rely upon since these infrastructures tended to be far away with added complexity. With more hybrid solutions these issues can nowadays be overcome to support even the highest of availability requirements. With new ways to only insert changes into the primary processes through controlled means of secure development, cloud technology can further aid to support the requirements of an almost always available primary process.

Data accompanies these new cloud technologies to ensure prompt decision making. Data however cannot do that on its own and this is where Analytics come into play. This way we can derive information from acquired data to ensure data-driven decision making. With more and more systems generating data we can further augment this new way of data-driven thinking. All this data however must be stored and here we can fall back on cloud technologies that can answer the most diverse use-cases on storage requirements.

IoT might be a little more recent as technology, but can certainly become a serious disruptor with sensors and smart technologies that can be added into the production process of manufacturers. These sensors can tell you where your products are and help in fast resolution of potential problems.

Furthermore, data and AI can optimize manufacturing processes and Predictive maintenance can reduce down-time while process mining can enhance primary process removing bottlenecks and increase efficiency.

Devoteam focuses on digital strategy, platform technologies, cybersecurity and business transformation; we can help manufacturing organizations in their Cloud and Data journey to fully take advantage of these technologies and improve the primary processes within the organization.