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Chapter 4

Empower managers to set up agents who work seamlessly from anywhere – in 20 minutes

To set up with the Amazon Connect contact centre, a remote agent requires only a simple internet connection, an HTML5 browser (like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox), and a headset. They can be quickly equipped and connected to everything required to address the immediate needs of customers. 

Supervisors can quickly set up inbound numbers, skills-based routing, queuing, analytics, and management tools for agents, wherever they’re working. 

For example, with Amazon Connect, contact centre agents use a simple interface that enables them to receive calls, chat with contacts, transfer them to other agents, and put them on hold. This is all supported in the background by sophisticated telephony, analytics, and call management services. 

Because Amazon Connect is built on cloud architecture, it can scale quickly for seasonal or event-driven changes to support a few, dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of agents, helping millions of customers. 

The ability to train remote agents on the system in less than 20 minutes accelerates an organisation’s capacity to scale rapidly and allows for remote agents to get up to speed quickly.

To accelerate the setup of agents, Amazon Connect provides an intuitive, user-friendly, graphical interface for voice and chat that’s all in a single place, so they don’t need to learn multiple tools. It gives them an easily learned tool that provides powerful capabilities such as:

  • Real-time caller authentication using machine learning to make voice interactions faster and more secure through Amazon Connect Voice ID 
  • A single user interface for the creation and completion of voice calls and chats with Amazon Connect Tasks 
  • Fast full-text search on all transcripts with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect and real-time, detailed analytics and sentiment analysis that allows supervisors to quickly understand the trends of customer conversations 
  • A more unified view of a customer’s profile with the most upto-date information through Amazon Connect Customer Profiles 
  • Time savings with Amazon Connect Wisdom to help agents quickly navigate and search multiple sources of information based on phrases and questions exactly as the customer would ask them 

Amazon Connect also uses several AWS services to provide additional capabilities and customization. And because it’s an open platform, Amazon Connect can be easily integrated with existing AWS services and third-party systems including CRM, helpdesk, outbound, and more. This way, adopting a new solution and training agents on it doesn’t slow down the transition to a new contact centre and doesn’t degrade customer experience during the change.