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Chapter 1


To print or not to print?

When writing this document, we wondered if we should include a “Do Not Print” statement. After all, this is a guide to help businesses decarbonise their IT and, given the carbon cost of printing, it seemed wise. On the other hand, if this guide can help businesses be more environmentally virtuous, shouldn’t we be encouraging companies to print it and increase its reach? And is printing even that bad when you consider the environmental impact of digital distribution?

What may seem like a simple question about printing illustrates the environmental complexity faced by companies and their IT organisations in particular. To work out the best solution from an environmental impact point of view you often have to look at things in a broader light and from different angles. In preparing this guide we have therefore endeavoured to follow a few guiding principles, which are to:

  1. Take a step back from the answers we have collected during our interviews;
  2. Always have a holistic approach to the subjects to ensure we identify all the aspects that need to be taken into account;
  3. Reaffirm Devoteam’s commitment to providing relevant and appropriate solutions to Green IT issues

Every business environment is different, and the potential impact of each of our technology recommendations will need to be considered according to your organisation’s requirements.

So then. To print or not to print?

The decision – and the responsibility – is yours!