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Use cloud adoption as a continuous improvement process.

The cloud is way more than just a cheap and efficient data storage system. Companies have to set strategies on the cloud and change everything they do to realize its full potential.  Invest in modernization and optimization and reach numerous benefits tomorrow including cost reduction, innovation, speed to market, ability to upsell or upscale.

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How we do it Move from adoption to a fruitful operating model.

Multiple business value

Focus on business outcomes to automate tasks and pipelines, monitor performance and make concrete decisions to create adding value.

Reduce costs

Measure, optimize and forecast your costs precisely and never pay more than what you really need and use with on-demand pay-as-you-go cloud services.

Become more agile

Scale progressively, according to your needs and build loosely coupled systems to gain time and agility with AWS enabled automation.

Increase quality & reliability

Benefit from high availability, security & AWS managed services embedded in new processes and operating models.

Our Modernization & Optimization Offers

Define an Omni-channel Contact Centre using Amazon Connect

Co-build with all your ecosystem’s cloud stakeholders a Cloud Security Strategy adapted to your risk management policy, regulatory requirements of your business sector and agility needs of your Business IT organisation.

Cloud modernization is the process of updating data architecture, infrastructure, and applications to get the most out of modern cloud computing technologies. By going from siloed data on mainframes to agile, cloud-native solutions, your company can automate and optimize operations all while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Cloud modernization can be broken down into two main components: data modernization and application modernization. 

To be successful, your data and application modernization strategies should include three steps:

  1. Assessment

Keeping your business’s needs and goals in mind, evaluate whether each data platform and software application should and could be optimized and modernized. 

Options for modernizing legacy applications can fall into one of three categories: relocate/rehost, replatform, or refactor. Learn more about what these modernization options mean for your company.

You should also consider the benefits, risks, and dependencies when determining whether to update software or migrate your databases and applications to the Cloud.

  1. Modernization

This step is the adoption of and move to new technologies. This could simply call for updating legacy, monolithic applications to the most recent version of the software or it could involve transitioning to cloud-based applications or databases. It should also include plans for scaling.

Along with modernizing the technologies your company uses, you’ll also need to transform your organization and processes to ensure that they are agile and scalable. 

As an AWS Partner with the AWS Migration and Modernization Competency, Devoteam can accompany you every step of the way during your data and application modernization.

  1. Management

This phase of cloud modernization concerns effective change management, program management, quality assurance, and service excellence. Your teams should treat the operational characteristics of modernized applications like any other application feature, with microservices operations becoming part of engineering.

Data modernization in AWS puts Amazon’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to use to help your company get better customer insights more quickly. Based on modern cloud data architecture, AWS data analytics platforms allow you to easily process and analyze data of different types from various sources.

High-performance AWS data platforms also offer extensive automation capabilities that make it faster and cheaper to scale your business operations in the future.

Another benefit of AWS data infrastructure modernization is that it frees up capacity for both on-premises and cloud environments. This can drastically reduce costs, especially under a consumption-based pricing model.

As a long-standing AWS Partner, Devoteam can help you modernize and transform your data platform to harness the power of the Cloud.

Application migration in AWS is the process of moving an application’s source servers from physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure to AWS. Migrating an application to AWS can improve performance, decrease downtime, make the application more agile, and reduce costs, especially for legacy applications.

Manual application modernization can be time consuming and costly. A single error can cause significant delays and problems. By working with AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) to lift and shift your applications to AWS, Devoteam makes the migration process swift and seamless for companies. 

AWS MGN continuously replicates your source servers so that your business can operate as usual during the migration. This feature of application migration with AWS MGN permits you to run tests with little to no impact on your ongoing activity. Finally, migrating an application to AWS with AWS MGN allows you to automate migration processes too, ideal for companies needing to migrate multiple applications.

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