Integration made simple

A Beginner’s Guide to IT Integration

Welcome to the world of integration, a world where the combination of tasks that were traditionally viewed separately improves the consumer experience and overall robustness. Rather than manually sending out an email to every customer after receiving their order, we can very well do the exact same thing by linking two processes together to create one big process.

But what exactly is integration in IT, and how can we explain it to you if you have little or no knowledge of integration? Integration in IT refers to the process of combining different software systems and applications to work together as a unified whole. This is important because many businesses rely on a variety of different software tools and systems to manage their operations, but these tools often operate independently and may not communicate with each other. Integration allows businesses to bring these tools together to create a seamless flow of information and streamline their operations.

If you’re interested in learning more about IT integration, download our free white paper. We cover a range of topics to help you understand the basics of IT integration, even if you have little or no prior knowledge in this field.