The success of an Elastic centralized monitoring solution at de Watergroep

De Watergroep is the largest drinking water company in Flanders and supplies drinking water to 3.3 million customers in 177 Flemish municipalities.

About the webinar

De Watergroep has a complex IT business architecture and obtains a lot of data from various sources. One of them is their own data centre. A lot of IT is also outsourced to external parties, resulting in many different types of data.

During this webinar you will get more information about the problems that de Watergroep experienced. To maintain and gain more control over their ICT landscape, they needed to monitor the primary processes end-to-end across all third parties to mitigate risk, and to enhance the customer experience.

The need for a monitoring platform arises

With the assistance of De Watergroep engineers, Devoteam implemented a centralized monitoring solution that strengthens the grip on day-to-day IT and operational activities at De Watergroep. To make this possible, different Elastic components were used: the Elastic Stack, Beats and Logstash. What does the monitoring platform look like and how did we implement this?

The benefits for de Watergroep

What were the benefits for De Watergroep after implementation of the monitoring platform? One of the advantages is, for example, faster implementation of new applications through monitoring-driven development. What are the other benefits?

Are you curious about how you as an organization can benefit from an Elastic Monitoring solution? Download our webinar and get more information about this.


  • Introduction: present speakers de Watergroep, Elastic and Devoteam
  • About de Watergroep 
  1. What kind of organization is de Watergroep? 
  2. How many customers does de Watergroep have?
  3. What does the IT business structure look like internally?
  • Problem definition
  1. Why monitoring for de Watergroep?
  2. Monitoring driven development: technical and functional errors
  • Benefits for de Watergroep 
  • How can your organization benefit from a centralized monitoring solution?