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The launch of MoKa @ De Watergroep

We have delivered a major project called MoKa for De Watergroep that will initiate a new era of working digitally for the 800 field engineers of De Watergroep. Prior to MoKa, field engineers had to pick up printed work orders from the office before going to the actual work sites. Thanks to Cronos, Itineris and Devoteam these workers will now instead receive a toughpad that will synchronize their work orders at night, and help them administer their activities when on site.

What is MoKa?

MoKa (short for ‘Mobiel Kantoor’; in English Mobile Office) is a platform for field engineers to enable them to work on-site but still have accurate and up-to-date information of their work orders. At night all work orders, customer details, product catalogue, and all kinds of other information are synchronized to the toughpads so the employee can start working immediately. During the day the employee can use the toughpad to navigate and provide travel time estimates. On-site the toughpad can be used to register work progress, situation sketches & photos, material usage information and much more. Information is automatically synchronized when the toughpad has a mobile network signal. Another major advantage is that planners can update work orders and reschedule them in case of emergencies throughout the day.

What did we do?

We have implemented the Enterprise Service Bus for De Watergroep and released several smaller projects to production. Through the MoKa project we now provide additional services such as in-depth performance testing and analysis, architectural guidance, and of course the required web services. During the project, we established a track record of 100% on time delivery. Now at the go-live, Devoteam went even further by providing the end-2-end monitoring solution, complex incident triage and 24×7 support.

What is next?

Devoteam will continue to provide services for de Watergroep and raise the bar for ourselves, our ‘competi-leagues’ and De Watergroep. We have several large projects in the pipeline that are about to reach production as well as some proof-of-concepts. One of these is to establish ourselves as the company that can provide ‘real time business process insights’ to help monitor de Watergroep’s ability to do what it does best: Provide Water-related services to their clients and help De Watergroep with their ‘Digital Transformation’.