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Microsoft Windows 8 mobile app for educational purposes

Devoteam’s Topochopper is an educational mobile app for young people who want to learn (inter)national topography in a playful and intuitive way. Offered by Microsoft’s Windows Store, this high quality Windows 8 mobile app contributes to children’s development.

Main Challenges

With the launch of Devoteam’s Topochopper app, Microsoft Netherlands found a partner experienced in building mobile apps on both the iOS and the Microsoft mobile platform.
The Topochopper app is a specific educational mobile app for young people who want to learn (inter)national topography in a playful and intuitive way.

What did we solve?

The use of tablets, ultrabooks, laptops and smartphones is blurring the boundary between business and personal spheres. Employees are accustomed to social media and the cloud and also want access to professional office functions and business applications anywhere and anytime. Windows 8 is an ideal platform for businesses and their employees because it responds to the consumerization of IT and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

Even before the official launch, Devoteam gained extensive experience with the beta version of Windows 8. This proved to Microsoft that Devoteam, with its long experience in application development, is also the ideal partner for the development and deployment of mobile apps.

Mobile apps help increase employee productivity and improve operational efficiency by changing and streamlining business processes. Beyond that, enhancing the brand image and motivating and retaining employees and students are significant reasons for companies and schools to choose mobility. The mobile app Topochopper is a good example.

Topochopper is based on the popular ’80s game “Topography”. Although graphically redesigned, the essence of the game remains the same, with a helicopter you fly over a world map while the names of cities appear. Using the touch screen, you fly the helicopter to the right destination in the shortest time possible, with the difficulty increasing as the game progresses.

The Topochopper project was led by senior engineer Elco Bouma and developed by Devoteam Development, a team with experienced and certified .NET and Java developers and consultants who are anticipating customer needs at both functional and technical levels to design and develop applications that maximize end-user productivity.

Key benefits for the customer

With the “Partner in Learning” hallmark, Microsoft has a good reputation in the field of education. Devoteam’s Topochopper gives Microsoft a high quality Windows 8 mobile app educates and helps children develop. It allows young people to become proficient in topography in a playful way and gain their knowledge at home on a tablet or smartphone.

“The perfect and educational way to locate cities around the world. Fly in a helicopter to find cities using speed boost and city finder items to help you reach the highest level.”