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Insight for supply-chain management

Recently Devoteam has been active (and still active) at a market leader in the field of international telecommunication and television with activities in 12 countries.


Our client is the world leader in the field of international TV, internet and telephony. Operating in 12 European countries and with over 22 million customers who purchase more than 46 million services, they are at the forefront of the digital world. They also serve 6 million mobile connections and 10 million access points for WiFi, among others.

The starting position: A manual KPI reporting process

Virtually every country (legal entity) our client operates in has its own ERP system where it integrates and automates the most important elements of its business operations. In order to gain insight into the KPIs across all 12 countries, we decided to develop a platform in which KPI data can be collected on a weekly basis. This ‘weekly file’ is then read manually into a reporting environment from which the reports are generated, a labour-intensive and error-prone process.

From manual to automated reporting

The ultimate goal is to have reliable and relevant data from a central database automatically available in a reporting data mart that can be understood by business users. The entire automatic process has been developed using Informatica’s enterprise data management software tool, PowerCenter. With this data mart, the existing reports can be generated, supplemented with other features that are not yet available in the central database.

liberty-global-nemo-project-devoteam-data-analytics-2In order to determine what information was required for the data mart, the existing reports were first inventoried in combination with the desired information from the business, in order to have a complete picture of the need. After inventory, it appeared that more information from the UDM and JDA was necessary. JDA is supply chain planning software with which the required stock can be predicted. By combining these with current stock and the expected stock, based on the expected delivery date of the purchase and sales orders, a complete insight can be obtained not only of the development of the stock, but also whether there is too much or too little stock at a given time.

Strengthen business decisions by data

At Devoteam we deliver innovative technology consulting for companies. Our 5600 professionals ensure that our customers overcome their digital challenges. We stand for the support of our customers in starting innovation and realizing adoption and development. This demands agility and intimacy with strong local management & expert teams who interact with customers on a daily basis and are able to respond quickly to their requests and needs.

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