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Delivering the promise of HR Service Delivery


The world is changing rapidly, and so is your organization. Employee experience (personalization), and therefore HR Service Delivery, is becoming more and more important. Most professional organizations rely on talented people, which raises the question “how do you retain your skilled employees?”

The obvious answer is that you have to identify your employee’s needs, forming the starting point for a customized work experience. Other important steps of work experience are the onboarding process, making decisions based on performance analytics, enabling your organization to detect bottlenecks and create a more efficient HR Service Delivery, and so on. One of the solutions that helps to customize work experience is a self-service HR platform in which an employee can easily request the information they need (vacation days, salary inquiries, leasing, etc). This does not only make life for your employees easier, but also gets rid of some major pains for your HR department. Self-service solutions take away repetitive tasks from your HR specialists and enable them to focus on improving, thus optimally using their skills. In short, HR Service Delivery should be a high priority topic for rapidly changing organizations and their management.

HR Service Delivery not working as desired

One of our clients, who had already been through a number of HR improvements, was ready for their next HR transformation project at the start of 2018. The, in previous transformation projects designed, HR Service Delivery model was built around an HR portal and HR case management system. This solution however did not meet their needs in terms of user experience and functionality. Devoteam and ServiceNow were brought in to consult on the matter. Our analysis identified 3 key challenges:

  • Users (employees) were experiencing an ineffective HR Portal, resulting in an inconsistent HR service experience.
  • The current HR Portal solution was not stable, had technical limitations and did not offer speed and flexibility.
  • HR lacked the right governance and business analytics to improve effectiveness.

A solution resulting in Continuous Improvement & an Agile HR Service Delivery

The defined business objective goals for our client’s HR department was to have ‘How to’ process information easily available, reduce tier 1 questions by automation, continuous improvement of the SDM (Service Delivery Model), agility for HR to continuously serve business needs and a more consistent HR Service Delivery through a standardized workflow. After a 6-month project, the results were as follows:

  • An increase to 98.5% of ‘first time right’, which means that employees who want to get certain information get the right information after their first try in 98.5% of all cases.
  • A restored NPS above their target of 60%, meaning an increase in work experience for employees with a 100% increase in responses.
  • Local content quality was rated 4,01 on a 5 point scale (this is the quality of information which an employee receives).
  • An average 20% decrease in incoming cases for HR.

Devoteam’s added value: we shape technology for people

Technology, and therefore also an HR Service Delivery platform, exists to help people, make their lives easier and more effective. It is definitely not meant not to complicate processes without bringing human value.

We prefer to deliver out-of-the-box (standardized) solutions but are also able to help you make custom changes and integrations that benefit your business. Apart from that we believe that digital transformations do not only involve technological aspects but organizational ones as well. We help you win your digital battles in a phased approach with technical, transformational and cultural experts at your side.

In ServiceNow we see the perfect strategic technology partner for HR Service Delivery transformations. ServiceNow’s premium quality & modular HR platform together with Devoteam’s experience in consulting on digital transformation projects enables you to transform work experience and offer your employees the best possible quality of services. In our 10 year global partnership with ServiceNow we acquired a double gold partnership for our outstanding quality of both sales guidance and services.

Devoteam’s International Centre of Excellence (ICE)

This project was executed by Devoteam’s International Centre of Excellence in which 70+ ServiceNow experts transform our clients’ work experiences on a daily basis. Read more about ICE by clicking the button below.

Interested to learn what integrating ServiceNow can mean for your organization?

Due to our DevOps and Integration background we are able to offer not only the configuration of ServiceNow elements and the platform itself, but also the integration with your other IT systems. Our expertise of all technical aspects around integrating the ServiceNow platform (like API Management, Microservices, Containerization, DevOps and Agile cultures) is what we specialize in. And believe us, configuring the platform itself is not your biggest challenge, connecting it to the business is. We will help you in getting everything out of ServiceNow’s platform with a seamless integration with your different business functions and IT systems. Want to learn more? Contact us below.