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Roundtable session:
How to make your business more effective with faster application development and increased application engagement?

27 June 2022: 10:00am – 12:00pm

Target audience: IT Manager, Lead Developer, Enterprise Architect

Current economic conditions do have an impact on a lot of organizations. In these times, every investment in Technology, People and Processes must be strategic to help organizations achieve business goals. Doing more with less doesn’t mean working harder or longer. It’s about having technology that amplifies what employees do best, so organizations can achieve more. 

In this roundtable we will talk about connecting people, data and streamlined business processes across organizations so that businesses can truly do more with less, less time and less costs. How to build your cloud strategy to ensure you’re following industry best practices every step of the way? How to modernize your business application into a modern IT landscape to generate speed, value and velocity? 

And the overall question: Is your IT environment flexible and powerful enough to support the organization in the rapidly changing environment we find ourselves in today?

Check the full program below. 

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10.00 am

5 – 10 min

Setting the scene

What does Application Innovation mean to you? (based on questionnaire)

10.10 am

35 min

Trends in the market

How to “do more with less” within the FSI Industry and specifically regarding Cloud Native Development and App Innovation? 1. CAF-Framework 2. Microsoft FastTrack 3. Azure Well-Architected Framework

10.45 am

15 min

11.00 am

35 min

People, processes & technology

How to align corporate vs local teams properly to get the best business value & optimized IT? How to connect technology, people and processes to truly do more with less? 1. Skilling 2. Budget 3. Compliance

11.35 am

25 min

Roadmap to success

How to accelerate innovation with app modernization within your organization?

12.00 pm
Coffee and aftertalk

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