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Tech Friday: Blockchain and Event-Sourcing

The Software Engineering Unit had its monthly meeting at the Devoteam office in The Hague, where all the consultants and futures gathered to review and discuss the trends and developments within Software Engineering. This keeps the team informed about every aspect of the pillar.

We began Tech Day by giving a short introduction of ourselves and what we do for our clients and the technology we use. We informed each other about what projects and cases we were working on, and what opportunities were coming shortly. The marketing and sales department had a moment to tell the team what happened since the last Tech Day and what was going to happen. After that was done and everyone was informed, we moved on to the presentations. Each Tech Day, we try to have 2 or 3 consultants come up with an interesting subject that is relevant to the team and have them present it to the rest.

As preparation for each Tech Day, everyone submits a subject. When we have a list of all subjects, we pick two or three subjects and then have people make a presentation on it. The following subjects were chosen for this month’s Tech Day:

  • Blockchain as a state machine
  • Event-sourcing

Blockchain as a state machine

The first presentation was done by Richard. Richard introduced a wonderful subject that was based on the blockchain. We didn’t discuss crypto or NFTs. However, we were listening to Richard about how the blockchain worked, and then he continued by explaining the event-driven architecture, presented how Kafka works, and then moved on to discussing the blockchain more in-depth. We spoke about the consensus problem and how to fix it. Next, we execute a straightforward blockchain program to understand how it operates within. After doing this interactive session, we closed the subject and moved on to the next presentation.


Jens, one of our senior consultants, cleverly and creatively demonstrated to us the concept of event sourcing. He described how the current customer has this application and how it was implemented. He also mentioned some important concepts that must be considered when we want to use this architecture. There were several challenging questions regarding the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy. We talked and clarified the exact situation and project experience we had.

Breakout sessions

When the presentations were done, it was time for some breakout sessions. In these sessions, we discussed either new trends or technologies from which we want to improve or gain more out of. After these technical meetings, the best way to close the Tech Day is with drinks and some to start your weekend on a good note, which we did as well!

Breakout session with the consultants

Working at Devoteam

We, as Devoteam, are simply the sum of 9,000 Tech Enthusiasts full of innovative energy. To increase our tech stronghold & density, we are constantly looking for talent and potential, from young professionals to experienced legends. Have a look at our vibrant culture and discover our company!