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Tech Friday: Atlassian Training Partner

Our tech days are beginning to take shape. The previous tech day we started with a fresh item where everyone tells something funny about where they have been recently and had something special happen. We have been doing this since the beginning, just to make sure we get to know each other better outside of work.

After some hilarious anecdotes, we continued with more serious topics. We first looked at how we as a team want to develop further in the longer term within our expertise as Atlassian Solution Partner. Are we still on course or do we need to adjust?

Then we discussed how the marketing campaigns have worked over the past period and what effect it has had. Of course, the account manager then informed us how many leads there had been in the past period and which deals we had closed and what new work could be expected.

An essential piece of news is that as an Atlassian Team, we will become an official certified Atlassian Training Partner. This means that in addition to providing consultancy, we will have an extra pillar, namely providing official Atlassian training by certified trainers! A great step towards our goal is to be a major player in the Netherlands in the field of Atlassian services!

After we had also discussed the forecast of each group member’s efforts, we looked at which internal projects we could take up to improve our internal processes further. We try to be aware of each other’s jobs and tasks within the team, so when needed, we will be able to help each other out. This keeps a good flow of communication going, while sharing knowledge and skills.

We also discussed which Atlassian vendors might be interesting to enter into a partnership with.

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