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Meet Thijmen

What is your role at Devoteam?
In January 2021 I started as a Tech Marketing Specialist at Devoteam. From the Marketing team I am responsible for our strategic partner Microsoft and three important local partners: Atlassian, Red Hat and Elastic.

What is the achievement at Devoteam that you are most proud of?
I don’t have a background in IT, but I have studied the various topics well. After working at Devoteam for a few months, I can say that I understand different techniques / IT topics better. As a result, I also ran a first, successful DevOps marketing campaign. We have collected good content and this has yielded the desired results. Very happy with it 🙂

What is your favorite technology?
Phew, that’s hard for me. If I look purely at my own field, they are marketing automation toolings. With all the knowledge I’ve built up about the IT sector, I’d say Azure DevOps.

If you had to choose again and you couldn’t go into IT for work, what would you do?
If I could do it all over again, I think I’d want to be an architect. I have always been very interested in the architecture of buildings (also abroad). So it seems very cool to me to be able to design something myself and also to see that the idea is actually built.