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Meet Bart

What is your role at Devoteam?
I am currently working as a Data consultant at the DFC (Detecting Financial Crime) unit at ALFAM. Here I am partly responsible for a remediation project, in which I work together with 3 others. My official role within DevoTeam is medior Data consultant.

What is the achievement at Devoteam that you are most proud of?
Since I haven’t been working at Devoteam that long, I don’t have much to choose from. But what I am very proud of is how the DaaS team has been meeting each other lately and is actively working on creating a close-knit community. Everyone is motivated to work with each other and we try to meet each other often, even though we work remotely most of the time. I personally think it’s very nice when colleagues motivate each other.

What is your favorite technology?
Most things in the Azure cloud, but you just can’t beat SQL 🙂 I love using it for everything! The better prepared your data is, the easier the project will be.

What are the most important skills you need for your position?
It is important to communicate useful information on time, but also to keep up with stakeholder and time management. The latter could use some work for me personally 😉

If you had to choose again and you couldn’t go into IT for work, what would you do?
I probably would have chosen a practical profession, such as handyman or blacksmith. Something just as diverse but more active!

Bart is part of the DaaS unit at Devoteam

The Data as a Service (DaaS) practice within Devoteam Netherlands consists of a team of about 30 specialists who are focused on three technologies: Microsoft, Google and Elastic. Working in the DaaS practice therefore means that as a consultant you have a specific focus on one of these three Gold Data Partners of Devoteam.

In short, everything and everyone that has to do with Data and the information-driven management of organizations is part of our DaaS practice. From Data Architects and Data Analysts, to Azure Platform Specialists and Elastic Monitoring Experts.

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