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Home office gear delivered at the door

With the advent of Covid-19, working from home became the new norm. As a company, you can no longer organize physical social team activities, so what do you do then? Our answer: make working from home as comfortable as possible. First we came up with the idea of ordering incredibly comfortable hoodies for our colleagues. Not full of advertising, but a subtle logo so you don’t have to change when you go out. A while later, idea number two came: work-from-home office gear. Via a digital form, colleagues could request an office chair, desktop, keyboard and headset for their home office.

Some of the colleagues were able to pick up the gear

We had all this gear delivered to our offices. Colleagues could register for a pick-up time via a schedule, which could be done during the day or in the evening, making sure that there were never more than four people in the office at the same time. See below a collection of photos of colleagues who came to pick up their office supplies and hoodie at the The Hague or Amsterdam office.

Door to door delivery service Devoteam, for all your logistical challenges

With a national recommendation to go out as little as possible, it was difficult for all 200+ colleagues to pick up their belongings at the office, especially with a large travel distance or no car available. So we faced a logistical challenge. Then the idea arose to bring the gear. To do: rent vans, book a day, arrange a crew and, as icing on the cake, stickers for the vans.

October 31, 2020: delivery day

Then it was time. At 08:30 crew one gathered at the Amsterdam office and crew two at The Hague office. After a ‘defrost coffee’, the vans were loaded and they set off. See below a collection of photos of delivering the office supplies and hoodies to our colleagues.

Mission accomplished

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon it was over. All office supplies and hoodies neatly delivered to colleagues at home. Time for a well-deserved nightcap. Thank you Anuradha, Silvia, Martijn and Melis!