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Tech Note: Microsoft solves Azure Storage Account issues

As proven in the past, Microsoft is a reliable technology provider, always looking to deliver top-notch customer service and trying to solve issues as soon as possible. We, as a premium Microsoft managed partner, strive for the same and support our industry-leading clients in the best way possible.

We prepared this communication to inform you about an issue that Microsoft identified and solved around the middle of May. If you are not highly leveraging on your Azure Storage Account, you can ignore the message. On the other hand, if you are, we are here to provide our services and guidance in your Azure experience.

Microsoft implemented a process to remove the deleted blobs from your Storage Account, as a common pattern. The process is implemented in a way so that it does not impact the performance of the service or disrupt your business in a negative way. Unfortunately this process, in certain situations, might fail, leading to overcharging for deleted blobs. A way to understand if you were impacted is to analyze the metrics of your Storage Account(s), specifically the Used Capacity for mid May (e.g use custom range between 8th May and the 20th).

If you can clearly notice a drop in the capacity around the middle of May and you don’t recall any cleaning activity performed around that time, raise a ticket to Microsoft to investigate. If you were overcharged for blobs in the deleted state, you will get a reimbursement.

We hope this short Tech Note helped you out and resulted in some cost-saving. Follow Devoteam M Cloud on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with all the newest Microsoft updates, experiences & resources. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our experts.