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Recap: Snowflake launch event Amsterdam

On Friday the 15th of June we succesfully launched Snowflake’s entrance in the Dutch market. The morning event in the A’dam Tower (with a view of the entire city of Amsterdam) started with a joint breakfast which gave the +50 guests the opportunity to get to know each other. At 09:30 the session started off with a small introduction about Snowflake by Thibaut Ceyrolle (Vice President Sales EMEA of Snowflake).


The Story of Snowflake by co-founder Marcin Zukowski

After the brief introduction, mentioned for guests who did not know Snowflake at all, Marcin Zukowski took the stage. Who better to tell Snowflake’s story than one of the co-founders who has been there from the beginning. Marcin took the attendees from the start of Snowflake to where they are today, while in the meantime explaining the specifics of the product, and especially the ‘why’ behind reinventing the data warehouse.


Lessons learned in Snowflake’s journey:

  • Building a cloud-native Data Warehouse was a great decision
  • Snowflake’s architecture is a game-changer
  • Semi-structured data is huge hit
  • Unlimited scalability is a killer feature
  • Snowflake users love the “true service” aspect

From Zero to Snowflake demo by Devoteam

Then it was our turn to perform. After a brief introduction of Devoteam by Melis Schaap (Sales Director Devoteam Netherlands) our Snowflake demo started.


Eric Hans van Wingerden and Chellapan Chockalingam, both Senior Data Analytics Consultants at Devoteam Netherlands, amazed the crowd by showing the easy usability, speed and scalability of Snowflake’s Data Warehouse.


After the demo the event ended and all the guests were really enthusiastic about Snowflake and its opportunities. In short, a successful launch event!

Devoteam’s Data & Analytics offer

Interested in more Snowflake? Or other possibilities to boost your organisation’s decision-making with data? Take a look at our Data & Analytics offer page.