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Publication: The Future of DevOps

DevOps in the Enterprise, or DevOps at Scale, has a history as long as DevOps itself. This history is chequered with unfulfilled promises and gaps between the potential of DevOps for the Enterprise and what actually has been achieved.

While the benefits of DevOps are well understood and significant productivity and velocity gains have been made by businesses of all sizes, these benefits have not been widely realised when implemented at scale in large enterprises.

With so much to be gained, including the potential for a positive impact on costs that comes with improved productivity and speed – the need to pause, assess and re-think becomes apparent. The question becomes why has the full vision of DevOps not been realised? Building on this premise, are there any common wrong turns that have been made? What are the lessons to be learned? What areas need re-evaluating and what steps need to be taken to get DevOps working at scale and delivering it’s true value for the enterprise?

This paper explores these questions and offers direction on how to pivot your DevOps strategy towards ongoing success. Starting with a brief history of how we got to where we are now, we then move on to an appraisal of some of the common legacy barriers to achieving DevOps at scale. We’ll provide insight into what DevOps should look like for the Enterprise that’s looking to reap the benefits of the productivity and velocity gains that are completely within reach for a large business, and yet despite talking about them for so long, have not been realized. We’ll look at what aspects to consider on your journey to DevOps utopia, discussing the impact of the Cloud and predictions for the industry along the way.

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