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Accelerate State of DevOps 2019 Report – Key Takeaways


The 2019 edition of the Accelerate State of DevOps report builds on six years of research and data, its input coming from more than 31,000 IT professionals worldwide. If you want to understand the full value of DevOps practices and be able to integrate them, then DORA’s DevOps research is absolutely essential. It is recommended that you read the entire report (written by the DORA team led by Dr. Nicole ForsgrenJez Humble, and Gene Kim).

6 main takeaways from Accelerate State of DevOps 2019

  • The industry continues to improve, especially among elite companies.
  • Delivering software quickly, reliably and securely is the core of technology transformation and organizational performance.
  • The best strategies for scaling DevOps in organizations are focused on structural solutions that build communities.
  • Cloud remains a distinguishing factor for elite companies and ensures high performance.
  • Productivity can lead to improvements in the balance between work / private life and reduction of burn-outs, and organizations can make smart investments to support this.
  • There is a correct way to address the approval process for changes and this leads to improvements in speed and stability and a reduction in burn-outs.


Some additional findings:

More and more organizations become elite performers
The growth of “Elite Performers”, from 7% in 2018 to 20% in 2019, indicates that “the DevOps formula for excellence” is possible – it only requires execution; both large and small organizations can work on smaller, more frequent releases with shorter feedback loops.

Full use of cloud services
Teams that fully embrace the cloud are in a much better position to achieve elite performance. A true cloud-native approach is essential to support a faster, more responsive and flexible development process. At the same time, many cloud capabilities only deliver their full potential if teams also embrace DevOps’ cultural- and organizational practices, including tools and processes designed and optimized for cloud environments.

“Automate everything”
We also see that “Elite Performers” automate and integrate tools in almost all dimensions into their toolchains more often. Although automation can be considered too expensive to implement (we often hear: “I don’t have the time or budget to automate – it’s not a feature!”), automation is really a good investment.