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What’s Next, Google?

Wherever there is Innovation, IT and Cloud, you will find Devoteam at the forefront! And this year, Devoteam is pumped to be heading back to Google Next 19 in San Francisco from 9th-11th April. Today, Melis Schaap, Devoteam Netherlands, talks to us about DORA and Prodeba. 


In the Netherlands we started with the Google Partnership in 2017. Based on our excellent relationship at group-level, we were able to connect to Google in the Netherlands very quickly. With our dedicated consultants we were able to certify in different areas of Google products, like GCP, Data engineering and of course, because of our background, Apigee

Our consultants immediately saw the benefits of using Google technology, and we started with a healthcare project, by building an employee and client portal using GCP.  The system holds the electronic health records of the clients and supports employees in following the progress of the treatment.        

The big advantage of using GCP is that Google provides a solution for almost everything: the developers just have to search for a solution and use that as a starting point for development. Now, the customer can also choose G-Suite making it easy to integrate docs, sheets and forms with the application. 


Because of these great projects and our relationship with Google, I look forward to seeing where Google is headed to next. And there’s more! As Google bought DORA, I am very excited to learn more about what Google has in store for this. 

In case you didn’t know, we have the official certificates for applying this DORA assessment (DevOps Research Assessment) as well as an official partnership to offer their DevOps assessment. DORA offers an expert and far-reaching DevOps readiness assessment with more criteria than any other. Based on data from thousands of multinationals around the world, this assessment shows companies exactly where they can improve performance and offers suggestions on how to do that.

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Being a partner of DORA, we were very pleasantly surprised by the merger. Though it really makes sense – Google’s focus has always been on collaboration, team performance and development, while DORA is able to give insights into the performance of a development team and give advice in which capability a team should invest in to maximize the impact on the performance of the team.

I’m looking forward to learning more about Google’s plans with DORA, and of course, all the other big announcements which will come live from Google NEXT19!

Follow the rest of our series in the build up to Google Next! If you want to learn more about our activity with DORA click here and if you want to have a chat with Melis Schaap, find him at Google Next in April!