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Uberize your integration

Uber is a taxi company which managed to create a whole new taxi service experience that changed our perspective on taxi services forever. Uberizing is therefore making something that is very complicated, simple. Therefore I have asked myself: can integration also be uberized?

UBER /ˈuː.bər/

Uberize: Make something that is very complicated, simple

How do you make something that is very difficult, easy?

Let’s face it. There are many taxi companies in the world who are all working by the same model. However, they are not making any of the happy customers which Uber is making. But why?

What did Uber do that was so radically different?

Uber invested heavily in mathematical models and tools which optimized the movement of the car fleet. Over the years Uber tracked the movement of the car fleet and collected more data than any other taxi company in history has before (probably even combined).

Uber found the sweet spot

They did not only collect the data, they actually put this knowledge in use. Uber hired the most talented engineers from MIT to be able to predict demand and stimulate both usage by customers and drivers. When the usage is low, Uber charges the customers a cheaper price. Drivers were stimulated to sign up for the service because they could predict the amount of customers and rides they would have. This approach increased the profit for the driver and at the same time reduced the price for the customer. Win-win.

It took a vision and courage to invest into this idea. But it definitely paid off.

How to uberize your integration

We also have a vision. Our vision is that integration should be as reliable as running water. Easy and accessible to everybody. To make this vision reality we invested heavily in creating a platform that combined all our best practice tooling, microservices, SOA services, Intelligent End-points, funcional routers, patterns and processes such as automated testing. We pre-packaged all these services in a way that both customers and partners can use it to deliver projects faster and more cost efficiently. We call this platform: AORTA.

AORTA is a software platform which delivers all elements of an uberized integration to your organisation at day one.


So can we make something as difficult as integration easy? Can integration be uberized? Yes it can.