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To match or not to match: a unique audit process

A few weeks ago our Business Intelligence department received the request of doing an audit on a fairly unique process: combining the customer database of two different programs. The goal was creating a marketing campaign in which only truly relevant persons would be reached. Which is the most important and at the same time the most difficult part of such campaigns.

What it came down to was creating the entire process, including the audit plan, while having a tight deadline. Keywords throughout this process were commitment, speed  and  knowledge.

The process

The process itself was fairly simple in design. A file with personal data is supplied, this file is matched against existing customers, then all non matching data is being sent back. This non matching data is then used for the marketing campaign.
Creating the entire chain took about 4 days (adjacent matters not included) and the physical implementation only took 4 hours. A total of 300.000 unique customers was supplied and after numerable rule setting filters 150.000 were left. Of these a random 80.000 were selected to be used for the campaign.

The audit

Barring some small things, the audit and thus the process went particularly smooth. Therefor the approach and execution have been ‘lifted’ to be the default approach in one of the two programs. It’s always gratifying when the client is this happy with our work!
The results of this campaign will only be visible in the first quarter of 2016. Who knows it might be you who will be approached for this campaign… Let’s wait and see..!