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Tibco BusinessWorks 6.3.0: How To Develop a REST HTTPS Call

This blog explains how to make a successful call with HTTPs towards a REST service, using TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.3.0 (also tested in TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.2.2).

As prerequisite you need:
– Tibco BusinessWorks 6.3.0 (or equivalent BW 6.2.2)
– JRE installed (I used JRE1.8)


Step 1

Connect to the server URL using the HTTPS protocol and a web browser (in my case I have used Firefox version 43).

Step 2

Download the certificates (with the chain information and with the extension “.crt”) and save them on the filesystem in a location of your preference.

Step 3

Generate the provider key store using the tool “keytool.exe” (i.e. this tool is located in your %JAVA_HOME%/bin folder). In the generation of the key store it’s required a password long at least six characters. This password will be used later on to configure the resources and access to the server operation.

Step 4

Open your TIBCO Business Studio and create a workspace to host a BusinessWorks module and a BusinessWorks application. The client process is started with a simple timer palette and then it sends a REST call towards the server. Moreover the server’s call inputs have to be configured accordingly to service input parameters.

Step 5

Create a HTTP client connection, where are specified the host name or IP address of the remote server, the port number (i.e. 443 for HTTPs) and the SSL client resource.

Step 6

Create and configure an SSL client resource where is specified the key store provider configuration, the SSL protocol and SSL Cipher class.

Step 7

Configure the key store provider resource in order to use the password and to point at the key store resource that have been created at Step 3.

Step 8

Run a simple test in order to verify that the settings are working properly. Start the application in debug mode and the timer palette will start automatically (because the default settings will allow it to run once as soon as it starts).

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