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Self-service API Management – Part 3

The success of Platform businesses should encourage API Management Platform owners to open their platforms

API Management can be viewed as a small-scale Platform business, where many of the Platform key concepts apply – Parker, Geoffrey G., et al. Platform Revolution. Norton, 2016

Have you read part 1 and 2?

This is part 3 in a series on Self-service API Management. To fully understand this matter we advise you to read part 1 and part 2 of this series first.

Part 3 starts now!


The API Management Platform will favour the creation of value by enabling interactions between API developers and App developers. The platform will provide an open, participative infrastructure for these interactions and will define governance for them.

Platform participants

The API Management platform provides the software infrastructure and the rules that bring together Producers (API developers) and Consumers (App developers). Just like in Platform businesses, in different interactions, the same users can have interchangeable roles (API developers can become App developers and vice-versa).

Positive network effects

A successful API Management platform will attract API developers and App developers, stimulating the ecosystem’s growth. This dynamic will lead to an increase of available assets, further boosting the value being produced for the API community and the organization. Developer Portals will grant a frictionless entry, allowing users to quickly join the API Management ecosystem and begin to participate in the value creation for their organizations.

Would you like to know more about API Management?

We can assist your organization with workshops on the topics. Our consultants have led API Management platform rollout processes in multiple domains and will guide you in the creation of an API center of excellence delivering consumer grade APIs.

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