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Recap: API Management Round Table

In the second week of June, we hosted our API Management roundtable at our Devoteam Amsterdam office. Senior Architects and Managers from Intergamma, RTL, PowerPeers, Rijksoverheid and ONVZ attended the session.

It was an informal session with an open agenda but focussed on API Management Platforms: usage, guidelines and benefits. Each of the representatives shared their views on API Management, opening up APIs for communities & partners and how to best leverage an API management platform.


An interesting perspective was presented by RTL on the usage of A/B testing for API Management platform. Another debate was on API management principles and do’s and dont’s in a platform. We also discussed the pros and cons of the different topologies, on-premise, SaaS or PaaS. At the end of the roundtable, the benefits of API management platform were well understood by the attendees with respect to the security policies enforcement as well as protecting the backend by means of applying throttling and IP whitelisting. Thus, a huge success!

More about API Management solutions

The digital ecosystem is evolving in many directions. Organizations are adopting multiple channels to drive newer sales channels, trigger new business models and generate more and more revenue. This triggers the need of unlocking business assets to the outside world in a secure manner. The increasing demand from Internet Business Models, IoT, social media and Cloud Adoption will exponentially increase the need to expose the business assets to the outside world by means of API.