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How to: remain a digital market leader


How can a successful organisation remain its position as a digital market leader in the changing digital landscape? This question was raised at the ‘TIBCO – Digital Difference Conference’ in Rotterdam last Tuesday. In order to remain the position as a digital leader, there are several requirements to be fulfilled to build a strong foundation.

Driving disruptions through a Fast Data platform

To remain competitive in today’s environment, organisations must ensure they drive disruption rather than being disrupted. Creating new value through dynamic integration of people, businesses and things is now a critical core competency. Yesterday’s architecture will not allow you to do this. You need an architecture that is Agile and allows you to ”act in the moment” in order to capitalize on opportunities or threats. That architecture is a Fast Data platform.

Empower your business

The Fast Data platform combines three major assets: your data, people and technology. It provides real-time awareness to take instant action. The Fast Data platform empowers your business by identifying situations of interest as they occur, opportunities like customer interactions and process optimisation, and threats like software exceptions and security breaches- providing real-time awareness.

Data is the fuel

Data coming from your applications, systems, processes, customers, partners – and now, the Internet of Things – fuels your business. The Fast Data Platform integrates the right information available at the right time, powering services and APIs, as well as automating processes.

Human Insight

Once you have the right data at the right moment, you need to provide it to the right person. The Fast Data platform puts information in the right hands, at the point of decision-making. With a complete understanding of a situation’s context, decision makers have valuable insight. Whatever the volume or velocity, data scientists, business users, and operational teams have access to relevant information for making informed decisions in the moment. The Fast Data platform applies these decisions immediately, adapting on-the-fly or triggering a preprogrammed action.

One step ahead of your competition

Your competition might have the same data. But with the ability to make informed decisions- and quickly taking action while the outcome is still in play- you can change what happens next.. while your competition is still crunching their numbers.

How can we help?

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