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Connecting 2 containers using Docker Compose

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This blog-post shows you how to create an exchange data visualizer by taking docker images from Docker hub and use Docker-compose to establish a connection between Python Flask web application and a database on top of an AWS ec2-instance.

Installing the AWS Linux machine and connecting it with SSH

  • Install ec2 Instance
  • After the complete installation .pem private key will be generated
  • Download that .pem
  • Open puttygen and press load button and load the .pem file from downloads into putty generator
  • Putty generator will convert .pem private key to .ppk key
  • Save that loaded .ppk key file
  • Open the Putty and give the ip address of the above installed Linux machine
  • Give the ssh port number (22)
  • In options go to the ssh under ssh you will find the auth (where it needs key)
  • Browse that .ppk key file and press ok
  • Now your Linux machine is connected with your ssh
  • Login into your amazon Linux machine with default password ec2-user

    Install Docker and Docker Compose

    Update your newly launched ec2 instance

    • $sudo yum update

    Install Docker

    • $sudo yum Install docker

    Start the Docker service

    • $sudo systemctl start docker

    Enable the Docker service

    • $Sudo systemctl enable docker

    Installing docker compose

    • $sudo curl -L "
      -$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

    set the permissions

    • $sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose

    To verify the installation

    • $docker-compose –version

    Pulling the Docker images from Docker hub

    Now we are going to pull two images from Docker hub.

    The first image is a python image which contains our entire python application:

    • $docker pull ramyakosaraju/python5:ansible

    The Second image is the MySQL image which will  store the data coming from the first image:

    • $Docker pull ramyakosaraju/mysql:ansible

    We are using Docker Compose to establish the connection between these 2 images.

    run the images using docker compose

    Create docker-compose.yml  and place the below code in the yaml file.

    version: “2”


    image: ramyakosaraju/mysql:ansible
    container_name: mysql1
    - "3306:3306"
    MYSQL_DATABASE: exchangerate
    MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: newpassword
    MYSQL_ROOT_HOST: mysql1
    MYSQL_USER: root
    MYSQL_PASSWORD: newpassword


        image: ramyakosaraju/python5:ansible
    build: .
    container_name: python_001
    - db
    - db
    - db:database
    - "5000:5000"

    Start those two containers by running the following command

    $docker-compose up –d

    See the exchange data visualizer in python flask

    To insert the live data from the alpha vantage website and store it in your database hit the URL

    Ec2-instancehttps http://ec2public_ip:5000/insert
    To see the data URL ec2-instance http://ec2public_ip:5000/fetch

    5000 is the flask default port

    To visualize the inserted data in the form of an exchange data visualizer graph


    The output looks similar to this

    exchange data visualizer

    Congrats! Your exchange data visualizer is now set up.

    Do you have any questions about this blog-post? If so, contact me via my personal contact details in the author section below this blog-post.